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    What the heck was 2021? Was it better than 2020? I don’t know, I can’t really tell. It’s my first year living a full year in Japan, that’s one thing for sure. I think I went through a lot realization in 2021 and a lot of things changed inside of me. I’m starting to forget why I moved to Japan in the first place, but I think that’s a good thing because all I remember is that it wasn’t a pleasant reason to begin with. Either way, I have no intentions of moving back home. One of the best thing I’ve done this year is probably buying myself a camera.…

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    This year in a nutshell

    At the beginning of the year, my previous superviser at work made us pull a keyword out of a hat and asked us to spend the rest of 2019 to figure out what that word means to you. My keyword was “Important”. What is important to me? Is it my work? Fame? Family? Friendship? Or perhaps, my relationship? It took me awhile to finally realize that what’s important to me is me. Throughout the decade, I don’t think I spend enough time on giving myself enough importance. I would always be swayed by my romantic relationship and constantly doubt my capabilities. I live in fear of the many scars I’ve…

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    Year of 2016

    Year 2016 must be the year where the stars are aligned in the most unfortunate way. I didn’t think it was a such a bad year until towards the end of the year where everything felt like it was falling apart. With that said though, It was actually not a horrible year for me personally. January: I spent most of my January of 2016 playing MapleStory. I was a NEET, Not in Education, Employment, or Training, I was just home playing games living off my limit savings. I stressed out wondering when I can start on my next chapter of my life. We had plans on moving, but there wasn’t a…

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    Year of 2008

    I wish I had my old blog entries so I can review this year with more detailed… or even read my end of the year entry last year. But too bad it isn’t possible anymore. For sure this blog entry will still be, eh, pretty long. So sorry! There is no need for you to read it all. But personally I really want to keep these memories. 2008 huh…. so much has happen this year. It went by pretty fast. Isn’t it amazing how time can just past by fast like that? This year started out with me sitting in front of the TV watching the Seattle fireworks. This year’s…

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