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“Good morning!” My mind shouted as I woke up this morning. I got out of bed at 5:40 after 1 snooze with no hesitation and got ready for my first day of work.

It’s been nearly 6 months since I last had to get out of bed to get money in my pocket. I’ve been living an easygoing potatoe life for half a year and I wonder how long this new job honeymoon time is going to last before I start missing it. As nice as the potatoe life sounds, it is stressful in your own way. Maybe I wouldnt be as stress if I were still living the no money life as I did throughout my whole college life lol. I’m too spoiled now, I want to shop, I want to dine out, I want to hangout and do all the fun stuff with no restrictions! So I am back to the full time office life again!

I only woke up extra early today to eat breakfast downtown. My sister came with me to spend some time before work to ease my first day anxiety. We went to a cafe downtown name Bacco. It was on the priceier side but definitely delicious!image

I got the Bacco Breakfast with overeasy eggs and bacon! What a dreamy breakfast, haha.

I arrived at work and first thing I saw is my name on the digital board in the lobby Welcoming me along with 3 other new hires. Oh, that was pretty cool. Went through basic orientation, signed all the important documents then started to go theough training. Pretty basic stuff ao far. The office is definitely laidback in comparison to my last job. I could get up to use the bathroom whenever I feel like I need it, oh thank god for that. I tend to need to use the bathroom once every hour when I work… No joke.


So far the first week seems to be a training week. Hope I learn enough to do my real work!


So far I only for see great things from my new work place, I’m fairly happy with it so がんばります!

I did it!

After a few months of hunting, I finally landed a job! Yay! I totally thought I butchered this interview but turns out I got a offer. I don’t want to go in too much details of the nature of the job, but it’s pretty much your basic, entry level office job. Pay is a little better than my previous positions (which is great). Best thing about it is that it is located in the heart of downtown so thank god I don’t have to relying on a car to get to work. The only difference that it will make if I drive to work is that I can leave my house 15 minutes later. Fifteen minutes is a long time in the morning but if I were to drive, the entire commute will just be me listening to the radio while paying attention to the road. On the other hand, if I wake up 15 minutes earlier, take a walk to the bus stop, hop on the bus and do whatever I want. I can listen to music, read a book, play games, and even nap if I wanted that extra energy (or grogginess LOL). I don’t think the commute will be an issue for me since I used to commute to school in Seattle all the time. I’m pretty excited!

I start work this up coming Monday. So Soon! I know.. I was supposed to start on Monday the 23rd but it just happens I will be out of town that weekend. So I asked if I could start later or earlier. They have to do the HR stuff on a Monday, and since the Monday after the 23rd is Labor day the only option is left for us is to move it up. I really don’t mind starting earlier. I’ve been pretty bored at home. I want to go out, but sometimes going out requires you to spend money which is something I don’t have right now. Thus, starting my work ASAP is no problemo.

I really don’t know what is up ahead for me with this job, but I really hope it will be something I can stick with for several years. I’m a little sick of seeing my 1 year jobs on my resume. It makes me look like I can only tolerate a job for 1 year and I need a break lol. Honestly that is half of the truth, which is why I want a job that will not burn me out too fast. A job that will respect me when I need time off to spend with my family, to travel, to play, to live my life. In return, I’ll be your hardest worker! Which was the issue I had with my previous job. We were all overworked, and as a contract worker you really feel disposable and under-appreciated. Especially when you’re working hard and doing so much better than the full time employer *cough cough* yes I am talking about you who used to sit next to me. And yet his position is in no where near termination. While I was threaten to be terminated when I needed 1 day off to attend a family member’s wedding. I understand that it’s the nature of a high demand job but really now? We’re all humans…

Then again, I learned a lot from my old job. It was very disciplining and eye opening. I met a lot of great people and learn a lot about what company culture means. Now I know how to move forward on not only looking at what I do as my jobI was being a little bit more picky about my job search this time around merely because I don’t want to see the same thing happening. Plus, being honest about this fact is the best for both me and my prospective employer right?

Hope everything goes well!

On The Hunt

Ever since I’ve gotten home in Washington, I have been on the job hunt. I feel like any typical recent graduated millennial searching for a source of income. To some it up in the simplest way, I am having a hard time with it. With that said, I see my peers also complaining about the same thing. I know I should be concern for my peers but instead, I find myself sighing of relief when I hear that; is that a bad thing? It can’t hurt to feel a little happy to know that you aren’t the only one struggling. I guess the saying is true, misery loves company.

I’ve been thinking about my past a lot. I have set my eyes on a specific career since I started college and worked my way through it. Then for some reason, I started losing confidence in my ability and my passion. Since I’ve been working on websites since forever, I always thought I wanted to be a graphic designer/web designer. I slowly lost sight of it once I started learning more of the reality of that career path and my capabilities. I guess you can say I gave up on it, which makes me extremely sad. If you ask me now, “are you still interested in web designing?” my answer would be a straight  “yes!” But then again, I am still unsure of what my passion is.

Only recently I have been able to tell myself that everything will be okay, and it is okay take things slowly. Seriously though, what is the rush? Who am I trying to impress? Who am I trying to compete with? I made the mistake of jumping in conclusions and stubbornly pursuing something before in the past, and I really do not want to make that mistake again. I want to explore careers that I might never imagine doing. I remember working with Logistics before, which is something I would never imagine being interested in, but my thoughts of it in the end was that it was pretty interesting. It made me realize how much I’ve been limiting myself on what I like and do not like.

Besides the question of “what I do”, I also start considering the “where I do” as well. After my job in Elk Grove, I realize how important benefits and company culture is. The lack of work-life balance and voice in my workplace has put stress upon me beyond imagination. What’s important to me is to feel like I am doing something that matters and my family. I was definitely doing something that matters, but I absolutely did not have time to take care of myself or my family. The point I am making here is not that my previous workplace was bad, I was simply not a good fit with the type of job and the company culture. This made me realize how lucky I was that my first job was actually at a place where I fit well with their culture of “family values”. I feel so much more grateful now knowing that they cared about my well-being. I also feel a tiny bit regretful for leaving them.

Even with regrets, I am also glad that I decided to try something different. It gave me the courage to try various things. I’ve been applying for many types of job that I believe I am qualify for, and some that I feel like I might not be as qualify for. My aunt taught me something extremely important though, which is to always give it a try and let them be the one to decide weather you’re qualify for the job or not. I know that my degree is something that is not so demanded in the job market but I am starting to see it as a bless over a curse. It gives me flexibility to apply for different types of jobs without people questioning me “why?” I mean who knows, maybe they will, but probably not as much as other degrees that are more specific or high demand.

Good news is I’ve heard back from several places so far. Emails of rejections and some interviews. In fact, I have a phone interview tomorrow! I spent hours doing research and preparation. Wish me luck on that one!

Anyways, I really didn’t know what my goal was for this entry. I really just wanted to blabber about my current situation which pretty much THE HUNT. At this time what I really want is a source of income somewhere I don’t feel degrading and time to redefine myself so someone who can take on the real world on my own.

Working Perks

So ever since I graduated in December, I started working full time in the Logistics department of this clothing company. I work in an office, yes.. I have my personal cubical. When I first started working here in August, I didn’t even know what Logistics people do.. Now I can just tell the other people who don’t understand is that, I work with product shipments pretty much.

Well my job specifically involves a lot of numbers and fiddling around the database– catching people’s mistakes and sending emails to ask them to fix it because I can’t fix them myself. Every time I tell people I have a job, they ask me “you like your job?” and to that I would say.. I don’t necessarily hate my job, it’s not like I like it either. I don’t look forward to going to work every morning because It gets pretty boring and by the 3rd hour in, I would be begging to go home already. That said, at the same time it can be damn fun, I get so sucked into perfecting my work that I finish it way too fast/early… Then I go back to the “I wanna go home” mentality because I don’t have work to do. One thing I dislike about my job for sure is the location. It’s so far from home and hard to access via public transportation. I honestly don’t plan to stay here forever, but I’m glad that my first office job is a great experience so far.

Having my own cubicle though, means that I sit alone staring at these wall that some days I would spend 10-15 minutes debating with myself if I should call it brown or grey. Ever since I was formally hired though, I started filling this brey wall with drawing, pins, and pictures to add more color to my work area.. and I call it my happy corner because it’s just filled with things that makes me happy. – Trust me though, if you had my job, you’ll find anything and everything funny & entertaining.. =.=


But yeah. Just feel like writing a blog about work, AT work. I shouldn’t be doing this by the way.. haha. Oh well. Hope I don’t get fired now.