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    How Hello Hannah Cho Saved Me

    I discovered Hannah Cho during my college years around 2011. She just happened to pop-up as a suggested video from one of my own vlogs and I decided to watch her. I got addicted to watching her WOMMITMOL’s series just because it was short, precise, and straight out entertaining while I “do my homework”. After I graduated from College, you guys all know I’ve struggled to make a career out of my degree and at some point I’ve become totally lost in my life direction. I hopped jobs and have long periods of unemployment and got extremely depressed as to where my life is going. I got even more depressed…

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    Daily Days

    So it’s been almost a week since I started my not so new new job, and everything is going great! Never felt more welcome as an employee before, and at the same time my day to day work life isn’t so bad at all. Sure this isn’t what you would call my “dream job” but it definitely is something I am looking for at the time. Baby steps guys, baby steps. One of the cool things we have at work is that every Friday we have Social Hour, or some calls it Happy Hour. Around 3 PM the company would cater in a ton of drinks and snacks! This includes…

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    “Good morning!” My mind shouted as I woke up this morning. I got out of bed at 5:40 after 1 snooze with no hesitation and got ready for my first day of work. It’s been nearly 6 months since I last had to get out of bed to get money in my pocket. I’ve been living an easygoing potatoe life for half a year and I wonder how long this new job honeymoon time is going to last before I start missing it. As nice as the potatoe life sounds, it is stressful in your own way. Maybe I wouldnt be as stress if I were still living the no…

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    I did it!

    After a few months of hunting, I finally landed a job! Yay! I totally thought I butchered this interview but turns out I got a offer. I don’t want to go in too much details of the nature of the job, but it’s pretty much your basic, entry level office job. Pay is a little better than my previous positions (which is great). Best thing about it is that it is located in the heart of downtown so thank god I don’t have to relying on a car to get to work. The only difference that it will make if I drive to work is that I can leave my…

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