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    On The Hunt

    Ever since I’ve gotten home in Washington, I have been on the job hunt. I feel like any typical recent graduated millennial searching for a source of income. To some it up in the simplest way, I am having a hard time with it. With that said, I see my peers also complaining about the same thing. I know I should be concern for my peers but instead, I find myself sighing of relief when I hear that; is that a bad thing? It can’t hurt to feel a little happy to know that you aren’t the only one struggling. I guess the saying is true, misery loves company. I’ve been thinking…

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    Working Perks

    So ever since I graduated in December, I started working full time in the Logistics department of this clothing company. I work in an office, yes.. I have my personal cubical. When I first started working here in August, I didn’t even know what Logistics people do.. Now I can just tell the other people who don’t understand is that, I work with product shipments pretty much. Well my job specifically involves a lot of numbers and fiddling around the database– catching people’s mistakes and sending emails to ask them to fix it because I can’t fix them myself. Every time I tell people I have a job, they ask…

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    Breaks are useless

    Mood: angry Listening to: – Eating: – Reading: – Working on: – Browsing: – Watching: – -___-;; Today, my official first day of break, I woke up with a very bad mood. Well, I was in a good mood for awhile when we we’re eating but then my parents just had to ruin it. While my mom and my dad are talking about work, I was sitting at my computer going “lalala~” coding a layout for True Magic’s update. My brain was sparkling with inspiration that I want to make more graphics! Then the next thing I know my dad ask me “Oh! You have no school this week right?” >.> I sense the situation… I…

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