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Familiar with the Unfamiliar

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As I listened to my Chemistry lecture yesterday, a sudden strange thing came up to me. I start asking myself“What am I doing here?” Why did I failed this test? Why does everyone around me seem so foreign? It was something so strange that I went back home totally silent.

The last time I remembered not caring about how I do in school was in 6th grade. Everything was fun, I didn’t have to study much and I’d get a good grade anyway. School was all about “What should we do during lunch today?” Many times, I’m still stuck in that past. But looking at reality, here I am a high school student lost in a mist of college students. To be honest, I’m jealous of those people who get to interact with people their own age at school. All the friends I meet here in college are busy with their own lives. Everyone has their own schedule… including myself. We talk and have fun in class but that’s about it. I got so use to it that I wonder if other people my age is use to something like this.

People say the youngest in the family is usually the spoiled one. But not really… I’m forced to mature along my other siblings. Taking SAT prep classes when I’m in 7th grade (when it doesn’t even help!!!) and having a part-time job in 8th grade? 🙁 what the heck is up with that?

Then I remembered why I went back to play Maple Story. The hellish game I forbidden myself from playing it for over 2 years. I logged on and people and many people say “Hi! How are you?”, and my lonely, boring and forcefully socialess life is cured away.

Good days are good, bad days are bad. You need a good day to have a bad day, in exchange if you have a bad day you’ll get a good day too. Hang in there, this is life.|||||

June 2024

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