Fervor Sensation

New layout! finally! right? XD I really liked the last layout, but it’s been up since October. So it’s a time for a change. Strangely this layout was inspired by Perfume’s song ‘Love the world’. It’s such a cute song! But can you see any trace on the layout of how my inspiration bloomed? Don’t worry, I can’t either. Hahaha~ Man, when did Perfume became so mainstream! O_o I didn’t realize it, but now they even have their own TV show.

Talking about TV shows, out of all the Johnny’s Group, seems like NEWS is the only group that doesn’t have their own show. I think it’s because everyone is so busy with their own thing. I would be nice to have a NEWS show though. X3 Oh well, Tegoshi is a regular on Sekai no Hate Made, Itte Q! anyway. A show that makeshim go all around the world and do weird stuff. Apparently he didn’t have such a pleasant memory in Thailand, oops!

Anyway! About the layout. Pink layout again. XD Can’t help it, I love pink layouts!!! The CSS is still a little funny. But I’m too lazy to fix it! (Sorry) The name Fervor Sensation is kinda random. Fervor – great warmth and earnestness of feeling and Sensation – a state of excited feeling or interest caused among a lot of people’s thoughts. Interesting name isn’t it. I think it matches the layout pretty well. 8D

I got a 76% on my econ stuff. Hmmm…. still not the score I wanted. But still, atleast it got a tiny bit better! :)|||||

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