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I’ve been obsess with Namie songs again. They’re just so cool! ♥ Anyway, according to the astrology book Ampy gave me today and tomorrow is my “super nova days” which means it’s a day to look out for. They said I’ll get angry easily these to day because of the stress I’m going to be facing. Well, they are right on target, in a way. But I’m in control. Haha!

I spent 7 hours studying and finishing up my microecon homework today. 7 hours!!! That’s heavy man! Well, I finally and proudly finish without guessing on a single question. 🙂 I’m happy about that. After finishing all that hw I dance a little チラリズム. 8D “Himitsu no paradise~~ Mi-se-te-ku-re Bay-beeee” What a perverted song. Seriously. It’s still funny though!!!

I use to be the one who would be voted as “least likely to study” in a year book or something. Now Hahahah! Take that! Am I becoming a study-holic! O_O

Ps. I’m working on’s new layout! >8D be ready to see it soon!
Pss. Tegomasu avatar! ♥ Man, I haven’t been seeing much of Tegoshi lately. I kinda miss watching random videos of him and NEWS. ): The last time I saw him, his hair is black again! And he seems a little healthy chubby. That’s a good thing! :D|||||

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