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HondaiMood: Sick ):
Listening to: Melody Lineの死亡率 – ONE OK ROCK
Drinking: I want Mango Jasmine Tea
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Working on: *sighs*
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Watching: Kaleido Star: Legend of Pheonix

ε=( ̄。 ̄;) to be honest right now, I feel very sick. I’ve been busy and working alot. It makes up for the paycheck I lost though. So oh well,?tomorrow and Friday?I get a break. Yay! ^0^/

Anyway, 😀 on Monday my sister and I cleared out bedroom. Trust me?my table was a mess!!!?It was like messier than a jungle.?>__< I decided to remove my table though. So now my bedroom looks much wider.


That’s my messy table. And Amp to the left. Hahaha?it took us around 7 hours?to clear and clean everything out. It was a ton of fun! 😀 My favorite part has to be the new shelf we took from downstairs to put our?booksManga.


I counted and it’s around?110 books.?My friend Mei-chan has borrowed a couple of my books too. ∑*(゜ロ゜);;?I was quite shock?of the amount of manga we have. I wonder?how much money?we actually spent on all of that!


That’s?kinda?how my room looks like now. You see where the shelf is to the right? That’s where my table use to be. >__< Now we moved the mirror and dressing stuff there. And?NO!?the stuff on the floor doesn’t belong there X_x we didn’t finish keeping it yet. Oh and thats Amp in the corner. Hahaha~ I wish I could take more pictures but I got tired and had to work the next day.

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