Hi there, welcome to my gaming page! This page serves as the mega-thread for all my gaming related posts. The thing about me and gaming is that I view gaming as a double edge sword. While I love gaming to death, I sometimes curse at it for ruining my life. In the more recent years though, I’ve come to terms with gaming and myself. Instead of writing a sassy comment about how I feel about ‘hardcore gamers‘, I’ll just throw in this quote I found on the internet (picture on the right).

I look back at my life in the past 10 years and some of these game has made a big impact in my life. I’m hoping to blog more about the games I play because it’s actually a lot of fun to see how I grow with a game! Not that Most of my gaming blog post would either be reviews or progress in the game. I don’t think I’ll ever be writing anything like a guide because I never see myself knowledgeable enough about a game to write one.

Here are some games I blog about:

So for my list of my games, I’ve put them in 4 categories; Frequently Playing, Occasionally Playing, Retired, and Completed. I’ll break each category down below.

Frequently Playing: These are games that I play regularly. I play these at least once or twice a week, if not, everyday.
Occasionally Playing:  These are games wish I could play more but sometimes I either don’t have anyone to play with, or I just don’t feel like it.
Completed: These are games with define endings. I either completed it or played enough of it and have no intention of completing it.
Retired: These are games that I have no intention in getting back into.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf3DSFrequently Playing
BeatEVO YGMobileFrequently Playing
Senran Kagura: Bon ApatitePCFrequently PlayingCollecting all achievements on steam
osu!PCFrequently PlayingClimbing PP
Rhythm Heaven MegamixPCFrequently PlayingCollecting all Rhythm games, Perfects and Items.
Don't Starve TogetherPCOccasionally Playing
Dead by DaylightPCFrequently Playing
OverwatchPCFrequently Playing
Pokemon YellowGBOccasionally PlayingReplay on Virtual console
Amnesia: MemoriesPSP/PCOccasionally Playing
Plants VS ZombiesPCOccasionally Playing
ClannadPCOccasionally Playing
RollerCoaster Tycoon2PCOccasionally Playing
Nier: AutomataPCOccasionally Playing
Little NightmaresPCOccasionally Playing
Mario Kart 73DSOccasionally Playing
League of LegendsPCRetired
Town of SalemPCRetired
Valkyria ChroniclesPCCompleted
Stardew ValleyPCRetired
Tera OnlinePCRetired
Blade & SoulPCRetired
Ragnarok OnlinePCRetired
Fire EmblemGBACompleted
Fire Emblem: The Sacret StonesGBACompleted
Fire Emblem: Path of RadianceWiiCompleted
Fire emblem Awakening3DSCompleted
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon3DSCompleted
Fire Emblem: Echoes3DSCompleted
Pokemon BlueGBCompleted
Pokemon GoldGBCompleted
Pokemon CrystalGBCompleted
Pokemon RubyGBACompleted
Pokemon FireRedGBACompleted
Pokemon Y3DSCompleted
Pokemon Alpha Saphire3DSCompleted
Pokemon Stadium64Completed
Pikachu VolleyballPCRetired
Harvest MoonSNESRetired
Harvest Moon 3 GBCGBARetired
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral TownGBARetired
Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral TownGBARetired
Harvest Moon DSDSRetired
Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar3DSRetired
Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning3DSRetired
Story of Seasons3DSRetired
Heroes of the StormPCRetired
Walking Dead: Road to SurvivalMobileRetired
Portal 2PS3/PCCompleted
Tree of SaviorPCRetired
Mario KartSNESRetired
Mario Kart 6464Retired
Mario Kart: Super CircuitGBARetired
Mario Kart DSDSRetired
Need for Speed: Hot PursuitPCRetired
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2PCRetired
Rhythm Heaven FeverWiiCompleted
Donkey Kong countrySNESCompleted
Super Mario All-StarsSNESCompleted
Super Mario WorldSNESCompleted
Clash of ClanMobileRetired
I Love CoffeeMobileRetired
Pajama PrincessMobileRetired
Tower of SaviorMobileRetired
I Love PastaMobileRetired
Dragon NestPCRetired
Guild Wars 2PCRetired