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    When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

    How long is it going to take for me to learn that life is just not fair? I grew up believing that if I do something good, good things will come in return. While, if I do something bad, misfortune will befall me. I follow this rule pretty religiously. I try avoid speaking ill of another person, avoid lying, avoid cheating, you know.. Anything mean or unfair. Well, in my 24 years of living I think there is 1 thing I finally see: life is not fair. The recent event that got me thinking of this is when I was buying tickets for League of Legends World Final 2016 yesterday. I…

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    Lazy Weekends

    Mood: Happy! ^__^ Listening to: Daisy – STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION Playing: Hearthstone Reading:  – Watching: Walking Dead & Kyoukai no Kanata   Saturday and Sunday of February.. oh it’s so cloudy and rainy outside, as usual. Dad finally returned from his business trip to Asia on Thursday, and went back to work on Friday. How do people go back to work when they just came back from another country .. ? I would jetlag like hell if I had to. This weekend has been pretty lazy, lazy in a good way of course. Stayed home and watched LCS & NACC. Of course I am more hyped than usual to watch the…

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    First Day of School

    Mood: Glad Listening to: SWEET DROP – PUFFY Playing: League of Legend Dominion! Reading: Textbooks Watching: Hanasaku Iroha END TT.TT Icon Credit: Aein  Today was the first day of classes for me. Surprisingly Autumn Quarter started out with a sunny day. That’s rare in the Seattle area, hah. I had to go to school early because I realize I had to buy a course package for my Japanese class (though it turned out no one had it in class anyway @_@). While I was on the bus on the way to school, there was this old lady who sat next to me in front. Apparently she wrecked her car and so she decide…

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    また Miss Fortune

    I can’t believe I’m blogging more about League of Legends again. But anyways, lately its been much more fun because I get to play with my friends. Today I was playing with  my High School (now college) friends. First game we played together we lost so badly. =w= so badly… I played Lux and lane with Jett’s (epic)Garen but then we had to go against Orienna and Fiddles. Oh they were such a pain. Especially Orienna, she’s like lux… but better lol. After losing that game, all 5 of us decide to play again. This time I decide to play Miss Fortune and hopefully carry the team. Tom who was playing…

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