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    MapleStory Reboot

    You all remember that one 2D side scrolling game name MapleStory? YEAH, I’m back to it again. My friend Jin told me about the reboot server during winter break so I thought I’d check it out.. Now I’m hooked! I’ve been playing MapleStory since summer of 7-8th grade so I was around 12 years old when I started. Then there was leading a guild in Broa name TrueMagic and making life time friends from it. I quit MapleStory back in 2010 after the BigBang patch game out. Being banned by Nexon for 3 months was pretty much the last of me logging on actively onto MS until recently. I found…

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    Guilds Guilds

    Mood: Fighting! Listening to: Me Muero – Utada Drinking: – Reading: Case Closed Working on: Chemistry Group Project Browsing: Bus Trip Planner Watching: – Blogging about Maple Story… how Hondai-like. Well, anyway, TrueMagic generation 3 broke apart somewhat. Well, 2 significant members left the guild to make their own and asked to alliance with us. Well, I don’t really mind that but, they’re stealing members! So far 3 other significant members quitted the guild to join them. And now we’re alliance so they can talk to our guild members. Do you think that’s fair? I felt like it wasn’t… It took Stan and I so much effort recruiting people. Seems like Stan is taking it…

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    A Smack of Reality

    Mood: Tired Listening to: Kireina Uta – Abe Mao Drinking: Coke Reading: High School Debut Vol. 9! Working on: – Browsing: Utada.com Watching: Tsumiki no Ie (La Maison en Petis Cubes) Haha, I’ve done it this time. Here’s the scoop, nearly 10 hours of Maple Story on Sunday after noon and 5 hours last night. Whoa there whoa! Well now Hondai, you have just earned yourself a suspension from Maple Story until Friday. Well in 14 hours, I leveled my Fighter from level 64-69, cleric from 31-36, and my sin from 50-51. Maple Anniversary is so addicting! Hahaha… If you think that’s a lot my friend Stan who was 75 is now 86. Hmm…

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    Thai New Year

    Mood: Happy Listening to: Mangekyo kira kira – RYTHEM Drinking: Peppermint Latte Reading: Alice 19th again! 😀 Working on: CHEM121 homework Browsing: Maple Story Global rankings Watching: – First of all, Happy New Year! to Thai, Cambodians and Laotians around the world! 🙂 I think I mentioned this many times but, I love new years! Though, right now Thailand is a huge mess. It’s so scary, I don’t even want to talk about it. So much for ไทยนี้รักสงบ (Us Thai love peace). I love Thailand, but why do we turn out like this right now? How crazy is that?! I love how Thai people have strong sense of pride, but sometimes the this strong…

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