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Gifts Already?

HondaiMood: Happy!
Listening to: また恋いましょう – myco of Changin’ My Life
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Reading: Freakonomics
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It’s not even my birthday yet! But Ampy decided to give me my gifts early just in case tomorrow and Sunday doesn’t work out well. BUT, before getting my gifts she made me play a puzzle game to get the 4 key words. (At first I didn’t even know why I was playing the game XD I thought she just made the game for fun)

The four keywords I finally unlocked was Mr. Super Simple, Color NEWS, Mushroom, and Aquarius.Yay! I won my prize. It was my birthday present.

Mr. Super Simple was the eraser called Tottemo Kantankun. XD
Color NEWS was of course NEWS! The album, Color limited addition! Yesh!!! It’s so… so… so beautiful *0*
Mushroom was the Sour Cherry candy in the mario mushroom container X3
Aquarius was the Aquarius astrology book. Hahaha, Ampy knows I like reading this stuff.

TT___TT It makes me very happy indeed.|||||

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