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Halloween at the Q

I’m not usually a big fan of Halloween but this year’s was actually pretty fun! I got to eat hotpot twice, deep dish pizza, spend time with sister for her Birthday, went to a home welcoming party, etc, etc.

So this is my first year working at what I’ll now start calling, The Q. It’s our CEO’s favorite holiday so it was like a huge party the entire Friday. Each team dressed up as a theme and we had a voting at the end of the day which team we think has the scariest, most creative, and best over all costume. Our team decided on Crazy Animal People. I originally wanted to do something scary like zombies and stuff because I wanted to play with makeup but my team didn’t seem so up for that. One of the members proposed Crazy Cat Lady, but since we all aren’t really cat people so varied it out to be crazy animal people.

I was the crazy bunny lady. I went (almost) all out with pinning a rabit so my hair doing a tired-crazy-lady makeup and all, it was fun. When I got to work \(‘~’) seems like I was the only one in my team excited to dress up as a crazy animal person. The person who proposed the idea wasn’t even dressed up! If that was going to be the case, we should have let the person with more spirit decide 🙁 no?? Besides my team though, the rest of the staff at The Q was crazy dressed it. It was like a Halloween party at work. We had parades, dance ruitines, photo stations, chocolate fountains and lots of minigames people setup at their cubes.

For lunch they catered in some lasagna and salads. Yum! I’m glad I was about to experience Halloween at The Q. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work at in my current stage of my life.

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