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First of all, J-pop fan or not, it’s news all over the world. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi of my dearest, most favorite group ever SMAP has been reported being drunk and naked and yelling at the police “What’s wrong with being naked!!!”

… Dang Tsuyo-pyon, keep the alcohol down will ya? I love Tsuyoshi as much as I love all the other members in SMAP. Did he disappointed me? Yes. Do I hate him now? No. I personally don’t mind him being suspended for a year before going back to work. But I just want him to be back doing all his SMAPxSMAP stuff, going on variety shows, singing, dancing and getting ready for a new single for us SMAP fans. 🙁 But for what he has done is very bad not only for the entertainment world but also Japan in general. (it’s hard to explain) I’m actually expecting the worse. SMAP as SMAP will no longer be here for us. What ever happened “We’ll be together yours ever, SMAP?!” TT___TT

I was actually going to talk about last weekend’s Sakura Matsuri I went to but, I don’t have time anymore. Going to the mall with Saki and Oni! <3|||||

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