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Hello May~ it’s raining like crazy here. Well.. it always rains in Seattle so nothing special I guess. Gradually I’m beginning to appreciate my own existence more. My blues are gone!!! I’m never lonely anymore because I keep playing Maple Story. God dangit! I remember saying “I’m not gunna make a maple friend!!” But the next thing you know, I have a very close friend on maple already. Hello Mister Stan. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about us. We’re both not interest in having an online relationship. But people(guild mates) keeps picking on us. Oh god please stop! DX

Oh! Great news to your way~!! I’m going to get to meet Utada Hikaru next Friday!!! I was jumping with joy when I heard she was coming to Seattle!!! I love Utada. I love her songs! I’m very very excited to meet her. I hope I do, there must be a big crowd going since Seattle is a place full of Asians. The thing is, I hope new fans come to see her too!!!

Imagine if NEWS was coming to Seattle. O_O … okay, no. I don’t wanna imagine that. I’d probably faint if I see Tegoshi. XD My friend Mei-chan even had a dream that I faint when I meet Tegoshi. lol!!! Just thinking about him makes me smile. When I hear his voice I shiver with joy. It makes me feel like a creep. I wish I could love someone near me like that! It’s pure and innocent. It reminds me of my first love ♥ (did I ever mention that Tegoshi is very much alike with my first love? Hahaha)|||||

May 2024

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