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Thai New Year

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First of all, Happy New Year! to Thai, Cambodians and Laotians around the world! 🙂 I think I mentioned this many times but, I love new years! Though, right now Thailand is a huge mess. It’s so scary, I don’t even want to talk about it. So much for ไทยนี้รักสงบ (Us Thai love peace). I love Thailand, but why do we turn out like this right now? How crazy is that?! I love how Thai people have strong sense of pride, but sometimes the this strong pride just goes wrong 🙁

So spring quarter started and I’m much happier about things now, I wonder why. Maybe it’s Maple Story? Is this happiness temporary or is it real? Is what I’m doing right??? I hope I’m not too addicted. I’ll admit I play around 1-3 hours a day now >_< but I do get everything in school done. Well, if things get out of control, I’m sure I can handle it this time. Unlike the past. 🙂 Only thing that sucks now is that I’m not keeping some promises!!! *cough cough*Art trades and True Magic. I’m sorry! I did discover one thing though~ Before you want to make someone else happy, make yourself happy first.

Well, I hope I get my lazy butt out soon and update the graphics I have onto True Magic!|||||

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