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Miss Fortune ♥

Lately I’ve been playing on my smurf account (league of legend noob account).. Even then, I keep losing! I started feeling down @_@ but today Jimmy asked if I wanted to join in a game. I thought… Hey, why not. For once I’ll play a normal game on my normal account. The Results?

LoL game Scoreboard
Miss Fortune Reeepe

I’m xManami just in case you can’t tell. Throughout the entire game we were losing on the kill counts. Their Teemo and Tristana was freekish scary. But our team worked very well together. (besides our Katarina who spent the entire game jungling). I wish I recorded the game. It would be so much fun watching the replay.  25 kills 10 deathes 4 assist. 

Ah~ Got to love Miss Fortune when she’s fed ♥

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