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HondaiMood: Getting Sleepy
Listening to: Lion Heart – SMAP
Drinking: Qoo~
Reading😕Diary Yenta
Working on: Stars
Browsing: t-w-i-t-t-e-r
Watching😕Happy Birthday PV – NewS

Amp and I went to Seattle again today. Amp needed to change her order of our CD that we order. Instead of the normal addition we’re getting the limited addition because it comes with an extra track. Yes yes yes!?NewS, Happy Birthday PV is out!?It’s not the best but it’s still cute. Hahaha, theres one part that a chicken jumps into the oven and comes out as baked chicken.?It was sad,?but I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh and the dance!

Arigatou?(bows)?Kimi no Happy baa-su day?*forms heart with hand ?*
Who ever thought of that dance is clever.?I like it!

Anyway, I went to Uwajimaya and got some Qoo~ It’s been a long time since I drank some. (I use to be obsess with Qoo). Yum yum!


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