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Rambling: Term 1 まとめ kinda

Hello Hello! After months of not logging in here, I realized that I haven’t posted the previous log I had written up, so I did that today. Lol.

Anyways, how have you all been? Tomorrow is the 2nd to last day of the 1st term for this school year. Phew, time sure goes by fast. I can’t believe that we’re already past the half way mark of 2021. We’ve all gotten used to the “new” lifestyle because of COVID now huh? It feels strange to see many of my friends in the US going out and about spending life like it used to be. I’m honestly a little jealous. I’m here in Japan and I haven’t really traveled anywhere. I’d love to explore every corner of Tokyo, but for the sake of everyone, I don’t.

Anyways, this school year so far has been much easier than last year. Not only do I no longer have to stress about planning lessons, I also don’t have to figure out how run a class in a language that I am no where near fluent in.

Speaking of languages, I’ve been self studying Korean these days. It really is so much fun to learn a new language. Because I’ve been studying Korean, I’m also inspired to study harder in Japanese. I don’t feel like my Japanese has improved at all since moving to Japan, but that’s probably false. It’s crazy how much easier and less overwhelming it is for me to read Japanese these days. I’ve also been working on professional translations, which is awesome since working in the localization field has always been one of my dreams. I really hope I get more projects coming my way soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to throw out a short update.

Gunna go bed now 😀 Wish my luck on tomorrow since I got NO classes lol.

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