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Today was really just another day. The night before I slept very early so today I woke up so early. I probably woke up around 9:30 or so, yeah… pretty early for me haha. I was quite sad today because it was sunny but I had to go work. Originally, I wasn’t supposed to go work today because there’s a matsuri going on at school today. But because I told my dad it was on Sunday and no Saturday (I screwed up) I ended up having to work on Saturday and got Sunday off instead.. Silly me.

Today at work over all was quite fine. Max and Aaron surprised me! I really though my day was just going to end typically, hahaha~

When I got home I finally got to play LoL with my friend James. lol~ He said that he was bad, but he wasn’t THAT bad. Well, plus the fact that we were playing with Zach and his friends + James. So embarrassing Dx How am I to face him now during Japanese class.

Talking about Japanese class, I can’t wait to get my test scores back.. and talking about my test scores, my LING midterm #2 I got above average!! 😀 YES! For once I got above average. You have no idea how happy I am lol.

well~ super sleepy cuz its super late~..


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