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Living in California has been a very interesting experience to me. One of my favorite things about my time in California is definitely taking a small trip to San Francisco.

After the many visits there are several things that appeal to me in the city. One of that includes Japanese food! There is a restaurant in SF’s Japantown called On The Bridge: it is literally on the bridge that connects the east and west wing of the plaza. I think what attracted me to this restaurant the most is the fact that it is quite difficult finding Youshoku in the states. We have one in downtown Seattle, but the menu is very small and the food quality there is average. On the Bridge on the other hand though is hands down amazing!

All time favorite LocoMoco from On The Bridge
Some Melon Soda Cocktail. Very tasty and cute

I would usually come here with my brother Oran since he is a fellow foodie who also lives in California, in fact, he’s the one who showed me this place! I’m really glad he did because every time I go to SF with other people, I would take them here to watch their reaction. It is kinda sad that youshoku isn’t so popular in the states. I can see why it is hard to appeal to Americans, who would want to eat western food made by Japanese? If people want Japanese food, they would be looking for sushi, ramen, udon, you know, the more commonly known food in the Japanese Cuisine. I am really craving some Youshoku right now 🙁 I guess On The Bridge will definitely be one of the things I miss about living in California.

So far living back at home does feel a lot more refreshing. I guess its because I feel like doing more stuff than just staying on the computer and eating take out all the time.

I originally intended this entry to be about my San Francisco trips but I had to cut short because I am getting way too distracted and I really don’t want this to get stuck in draft again.

It’s 2:22 AM, time to go to bed!

June 2024

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