Month: February 2014

Lazy Weekends

: Happy! ^__^
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Watching: Walking Dead & Kyoukai no Kanata


Saturday and Sunday of February.. oh it’s so cloudy and rainy outside, as usual. Dad finally returned from his business trip to Asia on Thursday, and went back to work on Friday. How do people go back to work when they just came back from another country .. ? I would jetlag like hell if I had to.

This weekend has been pretty lazy, lazy in a good way of course. Stayed home and watched LCS & NACC. Of course I am more hyped than usual to watch the tournament stream today because my school is playing in the NACC!! Blue Caster Minions from the University of Washington! (I thought we were the Purple Caster Minions 0-0 but oh well) Both in the semifinals match on Saturday and the finals match on Sunday, BCM seemed to be the underdog team. But that didn’t stop us from grabbing the throne for 1st place! Yay! It’s good to know that my school’s team has been proven to have a good collection of League Players~ Not that I didn’t already know that since I am semi-active in the Purple Caster Minion FB community.

Also recently, been playing a lot of Hearthstone. Maybe too much. I’ve been too lazy to play League because it’s just so time consuming and I’m always stuck in this cycle of, I don’t play much so I suck– I suck because I don’t play much. I’m fine playing just for fun, but at the same time, I actually do have a competetive blood running through me and I want to get better at the game. I don’t want to be those girls who just play and be like “ahaha~ sorry :3” because all I am good at is feeding. Please, for god sakes I hate playing with people like that. It’s not fun and not cute. ARG Slowly I’ve becoming like that though TT__TT ah~

On the good news, Look at what I got in the mail yesterday!!  My diploma~ I’m so happy, I can’t wait for graduation day! *checks what tassel color I get* Oh.. White.


Also ^__^ What I got in the mail for Valentines Day. Super cute and happy Buttle Toast! I wasn’t too sure what to name him at first, but then for some reason Paku came into my mind at work. Because really, when you eat toast, don’t you think it makes the most Paku-like sound than anything else? Yup! So it’s settled, I often call him my Paku-Paku-Pan <3 omggg He’s so huggable just like the person who gave him to me. And when he’s with blanky ahh!! I just wanna roll around in bed with them all day >A< !! You two will do while Arthur is away \TwT/

Well that’s all for tonight’s blog. It’s so much easier if I write more often so I don’t feel obligated to write too much. Haha バイバイキー!

Fun Karaoke & Female Idols

HondaiMood: great!
Listening to: 夕陽を見ているか? – AKB48
Playing: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (2 more CH left)
Reading: sword are online Light novel
Watching: Natsuyuki Rendezvous EP 3

Suddenly I felt like writing about 2 things. It would be better if I made them a separate post but I am quite lazy and plus, the two topics are closely related anyways so why not?!

Fun Karaoke Night

Last night I went Karaoke with a couple college friends and Max. Its the first time going to Karaoke with this group of people, and it turned out way better than I expected! Usually, every time I go Karaoke with Max, something always ticks him off and makes him mad. Which makes me feel very uncomfortable if he can’t enjoy himself. This time around, he seemed to enjoy it. I think it might be because of the great facility too. This new Karaoke place is easy going, song choices are decently good, the instrumental for the songs are good! We sang for 2 hours and it was a ton of fun. I got to introduce my News love to my friend Momo-chan too! ^_^v I wonder who is her type in News xD  I know she likes the prince type so MAYBE TEGOSHI?

Japanese Female Idols

So it is a quite well known fact that I’ve been a Johnny’s fan. I love Japanese Male Idols!! But recently I’ve grown quite fond of this group called AKB48. I used to be quite iffy about how I feel about it.

-Unfinished blog that I decided to not publish (1/3/2017)

Working Perks

So ever since I graduated in December, I started working full time in the Logistics department of this clothing company. I work in an office, yes.. I have my personal cubical. When I first started working here in August, I didn’t even know what Logistics people do.. Now I can just tell the other people who don’t understand is that, I work with product shipments pretty much.

Well my job specifically involves a lot of numbers and fiddling around the database– catching people’s mistakes and sending emails to ask them to fix it because I can’t fix them myself. Every time I tell people I have a job, they ask me “you like your job?” and to that I would say.. I don’t necessarily hate my job, it’s not like I like it either. I don’t look forward to going to work every morning because It gets pretty boring and by the 3rd hour in, I would be begging to go home already. That said, at the same time it can be damn fun, I get so sucked into perfecting my work that I finish it way too fast/early… Then I go back to the “I wanna go home” mentality because I don’t have work to do. One thing I dislike about my job for sure is the location. It’s so far from home and hard to access via public transportation. I honestly don’t plan to stay here forever, but I’m glad that my first office job is a great experience so far.

Having my own cubicle though, means that I sit alone staring at these wall that some days I would spend 10-15 minutes debating with myself if I should call it brown or grey. Ever since I was formally hired though, I started filling this brey wall with drawing, pins, and pictures to add more color to my work area.. and I call it my happy corner because it’s just filled with things that makes me happy. – Trust me though, if you had my job, you’ll find anything and everything funny & entertaining.. =.=


But yeah. Just feel like writing a blog about work, AT work. I shouldn’t be doing this by the way.. haha. Oh well. Hope I don’t get fired now.