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Today is the 3rd of the month. Its a special day for me. I’ll just say this, I love Max so much >.< Ahhh! Its been over a year and a half and I still love him so much. Ahh Ahh! okay enough of that.  Ahh! I feel like rolling around in my bed with my lil Zou’s. Anyways…

So since the 1st day of school, everyday, someone odd has to happen.

  1. Day 1 ⇒ was explained last blog. Well… I had a pretty bad stomach ache that day
  2. Day 2 ⇒ I was locked out of my lab class. I couldn’t get the code number right x_x. There was something else too but I don’t remember Dx
  3. Day 3 ⇒ retarded buses! I had to run a mile + 4 floors to get to my Japanese class. Thank god I knew how to say 「遅くなってすみませんでした」After that I keep taking the wrong bus home because I was extremely seleepy @_@
  4. Day 4 ⇒ I lost my pencil case ): The sushi-thumb-drive in there had most of True Magic’s remodeling files too. Thank god most of it is uploaded.
So I hope tomorrow or so I’m going to get it back. I’m thinking of e-mailing my TA if she’s seen it after class if tomorrow I don’t see it at the Lost/Find ); hopefully she did because when I went back afterward, I couldn’t find it.
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