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Super Smash Brothers

HondaiMood: My brain is tired.
Listening to: SHAKE – SMAP
Eating: I want breakfast! DX
Reading: Fruits Basket 20
Working on: Math HW
Browsing: Blogs & Graphic sites
Watching: Peach Girls

I was doing math homework but I gave up a little hahaha. My brain is tired and I need to rest (lame excuse of being lazy). We’re doing Roots, Radicals, and Complex Numbers right now. I understand it but… when ever I do the practice problems I never get them right when I thought I got it right! I guess I don’t understand it after all….

I’m still pouting over my lost blog entries. I shouldn’t but I can’t help but think all of that I’ve written is gone. It’s like I lost my collection. I cherish those memories. Even though alot of them are embaressing and stupid I still want to read them and laugh at them. *sighs* Oh well.

At least I found something entertaining to do. I’ve been playing Super Smash Brothers. It’s so much fun. Playing against my brother and Ampy. I never win though. It’s either Ampy or Gavin(my brother). I guess I suck at this game x_X Oh well. The version I play is the Nintendo 64 version though. So it’s old. There aren’t many characters to choose from. So it gets boring after awhile.

And today’s extra. 😀 Ampy’s new cover. Kuchibiru Daydream I really like how she sang this one. It sounded better on the original MP3. When we made a video of it… some how the sound got all whacky and stuff TT.TT Oh well, it still sounds good.

Have a nice day! 8D

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